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One word will touch my heart ..
Two words will mean a lot to me ..
A sincere sentence will give me the power to go on and give more ..
Your support motivates me to show the truth , the sufferings of my people and the beauty of their souls and brave hearts..
Palestine needs your love & support ..

Ahmad Mesleh

Eye On Palestine

  1. Waw, no comments yet – be the first? Ok, let’s go! I got your link from a friend on Facebook, and I must confess that I’m most grateful to him for this.

    You’re doing an excellent job, I admire you for your work. I wish you all the best, and want you to know that you have all my support.

    Allah y3inak wywaffa2ak ya akhi, I’m proud of you all.


  2. Really thanks for the nice words , i hope i can give more and more for my people and for all the people who are looking for the best, i made all of that to share the people my feeling in every photo i took here or there. thanks sister again

  3. Hi just wanted to let u knw that the photos are amazing, also to learn more about Ni’lin, the work you do there is incredible, i would like to become involved if i can, although im not there if there is any way that i can please let me know. keep up all the good work,
    please take care , and hope to talk to you soon.


  4. Thank you, thank you Ahmad! Your work is amazing!

  5. wooooooow ahmed you became very good and perfect man
    like me your work it`s so nice the photos is very effective
    i hope to be always better

  6. You are about the best photographer I’ve ever seen! You are doing a really good work! Hope too see you again sometime, I really admire your pictures! 🙂

    Love from Kathrine

  7. Mary San Miguel Kraus

    Thank you for your work and the strength that goes behind your work. I know that one at a time, even an entire family at a time, in the US is beginning to see the truth. First, my dear mother-in-law convinced me and then I convinced my entire family. With this brilliant work, we will get far. We will stop them from saying the US and Israelis make a decision together. The work does not stop with your brilliant work, it starts with your work. It is the duty of myself and others to carry the truth forward.

    Love from Mary

  8. yasmin said

    ur photos full of sensuality even so the mos of that full of Grief
    but it’s wonderful

  9. Thanks a Lot Ahmed
    we need people like u in Palestine to show suffering of Palestinian to the World

    all of ur pictures are nice>

    May ALLAH help u to make all ur dreams come true
    do the best

  10. awesome work ahmad

  11. Yousef Ahmed

    Dear Ahmed,
    would like to buy some of your photo’s, for a website i am developing.. tell me pls. about the costs.
    email me pls.
    yousef ahmed

  12. Hanan Osseily

    You Rock Ahmed, I have seen lots of pics but urs include a special spirit, Keep on pleasing us with ur wonderfulllllllllllllllllll work, wish u the best!!

  13. Tony 'Al Khalil'

    Salam Ahmad,

    Greetings from Yorkshire, England.
    Shukran for the Beautiful photographs that you take 🙂
    I have been to Ni’lin once, September 2008 (with ISM) at one
    of your demonstrations an experience I will never forget, as
    are all my experiences in Palestine.

    It’s fortunate your English is good, my Arabic is poor …
    Please do not think that the whole of the world has forgotten
    about you, Ni’lin, Filasteen, we have not, you are in our hearts
    keep resisting the Zionist occupation and repression, one day
    there will be justice, one day …



  14. Assalamoalaykom… Brother Ahmad,

    Just happened to drop by your site and to say how you doing?

    Wishing you all the best. Do please responce to reply to me,

    Have a wonderful day always.


  15. hello ,
    it is so great to have such broud youngh people of my dear country ,
    your work really it is special interest and different, about every idea you have and every work you do ,
    very nice photo you have get and very nice colours ,

    i hope for you the best ,
    and go on

    Regards ,

  16. Cecilia (the Netherlands)

    Wow Ahmad, you are an amazing photographer. I feel for you people in Palestine, what a terrible situation. But I love how you sometimes add photos of flowers and beautiful things, it expresses hope.
    I hope that one day you will be able to photograph your country in peace and freedom.



    • thanks alot carlos , i hope you are doing good , thanks alot for the support , and the truth must be shown all around the world , am trying my best to show the world and it is scary man how things goes on but it ok . you are welcome to contact me any time.

  18. Hello Ahmad, I am writing you from Los Angeles. One word: LOVE! Two words: SMILE NOW. A few words: I am impressed with who you are and the work you’re doing. I grew up in Israel, immigrated there with my parents from Romania when I was a child. I am not a Zionist and would like to see a one democratic secular state for all people living in the area. I am sorry that in order for people like me to “have a homeland” people like you had to suffer so much, unjustly. I have been in solidarity with the Palestinian people since my teenage years, demonstrated against the occupation since 1972, and am now part of Women in Black-Los Angeles. Your pictures are great and give an image to the powerful Palestinian Non Violent Resistance. Keep up your good work, and lets be in touch. Many blessings, peace, justice, and love.

  19. Jennifer Villarreal

    Ahmad, Finally have had the chance to view your photography. Your work is sensational!! You have a fine relationship with your camera. I get a lot of feeling from your pictures, as they truly tell a story. It is obvious that you love what you do. Stay with it. Many Blessings.

    • Thanks alot Jennifer , i hope that i can show the world the real facts and land of Palestine despite all the things that make it hard to be seen , but no problems we are the sons of this land so we have to work hard to show all around the world , keep in touch and feel free to share pics and to contact me

  20. Des photos très significatives, très belles et qui montre non seulement le quotidiens amère mais la rage de vivre dignement des palestiniens contre l’occupation.

  21. fourthreichisrael

    I came across your work on facebook.
    Thank you for sharing your gift of photography. I hope it’s okay if I uses some of your photographs on my blog.
    I see poems in my mind when I look at some of them…

  22. fourthreichisrael


  23. Hanna Amireh

    I am spreading the word by emailing local news networks in my area. My only hope is that they will see the true talent you hold. You have a very good eye and I personally will make sure people here will know who you are and what you are trying to accomplish through photography. I believe pictures can tell stories. And your pictures say volumes. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

  24. Determination to achieve your ambition, despite the circumstances surrounding your is an achievement worthy to raise the hat to you
    nice done , keep yourself in that way
    with all my wishes to reach what you want

  25. Fifla (France-Morocco)


    I just left Palestine a few days ago, i studied there this year (Birzeit University), im really glad to see your work and your blog, i might ask you in a few months if i can use your pictures back home, i mean in France in my university. Anyways, i just thought that it couldn’t hurt that i tell you that i enjoyed your photos, keep going. I already miss your country so much, thank you for this. By the way, i found the address of your blog while watching a video on youtube (Palestine-Israel false love song^^), just so you know.


  26. Baraa Al-Waheidi

    I just like to say keep going up to improve that “some pictures speak louder than words” 🙂

    نبض فلسطين

  27. mona anghelescu

    heyy 🙂 i found you here…in first i want say that iam soo proud to have you as my friend..and in 2 ..you know how much i love your work.. keep doing this ahmad you are doing a great job..and i hope in one day i will see you live doing this 🙂 take care ..ya my friend..

  28. assalam alaikom

    You’re going to reach heights you never imagined. Never turn down an opportunity. Keep “clicking”

    We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.


  29. I never get tired of looking at your photos! Each on is special and tells it’s own story! They’re awesome! 🙂

  30. Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu!
    How r u Ahmed? U know… Before I didn’t like photos at all but after looking through your picturies I started like it. Ur pics have not only own stories they also tell about smth very important. And I can see not only ur feelings but also I can imagine own story looking at them. That’s really great! Thank u! Djazak ALLAH1U khairan!

  31. I would like to do an article on you for an online magazine. There is no payment but your profile will be lifted and your web page highlighted and your photos. I have a piece going into the scavenger this month on Joseph Dana, well known activist and writer and photographer, it would be good to do you as a follow up if my editor agrees.
    Please get back to me if you are interested.
    Thanks Lynda Renham Cook. I can send you links and my facebook page link
    Thank you
    Lynda Renham-Cook

    • Hey dear
      i hope you are doing well and first of all thanks for sending this comment it made me happy , i don’t mind to do that and it will pleasure to do that , will write down here my email so send me anything want to this email and we can talk more about that, mr,mesleh@gmail.com if you need more info just go to my contact page.

  32. hey a7mad am sooo proud of you because your from ni3lin and because of your great job ,, i liked all the photos that you downloaded it here and in the facebook ,, nshallah menshofak btet2adam akatar

  33. Jaza ka ALLAH o Khair first of all brother…u r doing awesome job for people like me living away from Palestine. but believe me we love u, we love Palestine, we love Masjid e Aqsa….please share some pics of Masjid e Aqsa from ur collection.
    May ALLAH (SWT) protect u n bless u in both worlds. Ameen!


  34. Cristina Soler

    I hope to meet you one day in a free Palestine !
    We are millions all over the world fighting for Palestine, and if Israhell has the reason of force…we have THE FORCE OF REASON

  35. I am one of those who appreciate what you said. I’m proud of you that you are palestine. I thank your hands. greetings my brother

  36. The character of a hero contains courage, loyalty, perseverance and a call for justice. in my opinion you are a Hero… keep up the good work Ahmed ALLAH ALMOU3IN

  37. Palestine had the honor to u it’s eye , which reflect the truth to the world …. God bless you and make you safe always ………
    ,و أنا أراك تعلو وتسمو نحو القمة هناك …فمكانك بين النجوم…بالتوفيق باذن الله

    هداية غرابة

  38. Amani Ruzieh

    God Bless you ahmad and protect you a raaab
    you deserve all the best, and wish you keep on doing the great things you do, and hope you could do what you dream of to be international, and show the world our story and our show the people that we are the victims not them…

    keep the good work khaya 😀

  39. Houria Benzerga

    Merci pour ce grand travail que vous faites plutot pour cette pâssion!que je trouve rentable non seulement pour ies Palestiniens mais pour tous ceux qui aime!!ent la Palestine!espérons voir du nouveau et vous voir épanouir dans cette vocation!Bravo…

  40. nurasilah mohd salim

    Assalamualaikum ahmed im nur,, alhamdulillah we will see again.. and im sorry because of my promise to help you.. insyaAllah but now im too busy with my class insyaAllah i will help you asa soon as possible.. dua me and i hope you will always strong to achive your aim and our aim.. is palestine will be free.. i love palestine.. wassalam nurasilah mohd salim min malaysia..

  41. Sammi Coulthard

    These images are breathtaking..you have a real talent with the camera..well done & thank you for providing me with a more peaceful view of Palestine..
    I will visit to volunteer in Feb..it would be great to meet with you..

  42. kathi diebels

    please excuse my miss spellings above .Here is what I wanted to say : )
    Ahmad,I am proud to be your friend.Every day I look to you to inspire my work.You show me how to paint what I feel and give me the ability to face it.You show beauty where many see only sadness.You show hope where many see only tears,you show peace and equality where so many only see pain.you are a great artist and a great man.thank you for showing the world what hope looks like.

  43. Please try to Pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. simply just follow your own feelings .. ! & let me tell you that I trust & respect ur feelings as well .. you have the big real chance to be the best .. so go for it !

    With all of my love & respect !


    Sad Wolf {@_-}

  44. Thank u so much Ahmad to let us see Palestine through your eyes. Your photos are amazing, sensitive,… in all words they transmit a lot of feelings.I love ur work 🙂

  45. Salam Alikom my dearest brother

    what shall i say.. To me you are a hero of the heart.. the heart of Flistine.. I look at your photos and each one touches me in a different way.. I have been blessed by Allah to see the land for myself to meet the people of Flistine and I can promise you that the people of Flistine have the biggest hearts … My life was truly changed once i met the people and walked among you and did as you do on a daily basis i know your pain i know your joy i know your saddiness and i know your anger but most of all I KNOW YOUR LOVE OF FLISTINE.. it is every man woman and child’s eyes… Allah put you on this dunya to show the world Flistine thru your camera’s eye and what a world you have shown us all … May Allah bless you and help you always …. JazkhAllah kheir .. and thank you for allowing me to be your sister.. I love you for the sake of Allah.

  46. Dima Hammoudeh

    Ahmad, your work is awesome and after knowing you closely I feel I know you for a long time & I’m so proud to be your friend,,
    Thank you for sharing us your passion & love for Palestine.. You showed us the unique beauty of our beloved Palestine.. Appreciated ♥

  47. I discovered your work of photographer on facebook, I thank you miles time for all that you make in particular in Nil’in
    I am from France, I support with conviction the Palestinian people, I hope sincerely that Palestine will live in peace, far from all these horrors because of the occupation
    (sorry for my english I use an informatic translator)

  48. شخص اعطى من جهده الشي الكثير
    واعطى لنفسه الشي القليل ….
    مجهوده رائع …..
    اسلوب عذب …
    رقيق الاحساس …
    راقي في ذوقه …
    مبدع ……..
    والله يعطيك العافيه
    ويسعدك الله في حياتك
    ويجعل افراحك دائمه

  49. Assalammualaikum Ahmad, all my life i only heard the latest info about palestine from television which sometime only show me 3-5 minutes scene in the news. For some how, your photo makes me feel that i am closer to them as close to my heart 24 hours. The more i see your photos, the more i hate myself for not doing anything to help them. If you need any help from me and others, please write it down and let us know ok. My prayers will always with you and palestine.

  50. the spirit and the soul of you and Palestine on the photos it is the grandest of magnificence, it reflects Enough about you and every Palestinian, and shows us the beauty of the Palestine by Palestinian lens and a professional photographer< I think there is no word can express your magnificent photos ,mashallah

    Each image was photographed by you it's told us about story on the second and minute


  51. Ammoon Alsheikh

    أحمد مصلح
    أنت رائع ..حتما ستصير يوما ما تريد 🙂


  52. Eye on Palestine
    Mr. Ahmed Musleh
    This title shows a beautiful sheen you took great responsibility for delivery to the world, today, you must show the world how happy Palestine, and how sad, how and how crying blood sacrifice. What is the heritage of civilization ..
    It’s a big responsibility.
    I hope to innovate more and waiting for you the best and best greetings to you.

  53. Nancy Meiki

    Ahmad, you know I am a great fan of your work. All you have to remember to keep you going is this: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” God bless you and keep you safe.

  54. Sana' Elewi

    أخي أحمد
    جميل ان نعرف طريقنا في الحياة أن نختاره بأنفسنا ونراه يمتد نحو اهدافنا
    وكل صباح نحس اننا نجوزه لنصل إلى مبتغانا
    ورغم تتابع المحن إلا أننا نتمسك بكل جزء من ذلك الحلم
    أهنئك أخي على كل شيء
    أدعوك للتمسك بما أنت عليه أكثر فأكثر
    فالكثيرون لم يجدوا بعد طريقهم في الحياة
    والبعض وجده وتخلى ببساطة عنه لأنه ما ظن أن بمقدروه الاستمرار
    نتمنى لك مزيد من التوفيق والتقدّم
    الله يبارك فيك وبمجهودك

  55. Thank you.

    Those are the words that can most sum up my feelings for you and this blog. As an American it is somewhat difficult to receive information on Palestine and near impossible to ever hear about your struggle in our mainstream media. But thanks to people like you, I am able to learn and become more aware of world affairs, and I am eternally grateful. And as a fellow photographer, I feel like I can connect with you even when we are miles and oceans apart. Stay encouraged, friend.


  56. Salam,

    First i will say that i am very lucky to know a person like you God bless you akhi, second you are an artist but for me so different from other ones, your works touch me from all the sides you are an hero so brave & so strong Allah ye7mik o ykone m3ak,

    no word can squeeze out the great work you do (coup de chapeau)
    It’s a pleasure for me to devote some time of my day to see your photo it’s becoming an habit 🙂 , proud to be one of your big fans ^^

    I hope all the best for you brother


    with all my respects

  57. all I want is to be ur friend that’s it =)

  58. bayan aroru

    مرحبا احمد … بكل بساطة واختصار اعمالك كلهاا رو9و9وعة وبتخلي الواااحد يتفائل وبتعطي دفعه ايجابية للأمام وبتعطي الالهام .. 🙂 بارك الله جهودكم المبذولة


    hi,I am a moroccan student
    your website is a perfect window on PALESTINE world
    So, i want you to Know that we will organise a week for PALESTINE ISSUE
    so, if you are interested , contact me on this mail : elkamil.inpt@gmail.com
    to talk about some ideas and subjects concerning our week with the issue

  60. Form jenin !!

    hi Ahmad am 12 !

    i just love ur work ❤
    i just dream to be just like you a big famous photographer 😀

  61. heyy nice page i love it and ure a nice photographer good job 🙂

  62. God Bless you and your people… you are an inspiration to all freedom fighters. Don’t give up the fight. We will find a way to end this opression and the New World Order will not prosper on the deaths and enslavement of gods people. PS if you ever need any artwork for demonstrations or your website I can offer that to you free of charge.

  63. I am Ahmad from Palestine, but I live in Egypt I am very impressed with your photos You are a hero to enter the center of that war, to visualize I wish you success and thank


    I love you

  65. Ahmed brother.no word can be as powerfull as one of your pictures.but i ll try one: THANKS !

  66. dear ahmad,
    if only the whole world could see your photos. i wish i could do more for the Palestinian people. all i can give them is my du’as and my love from the U.S.

  67. Mariam Ayman

    فلسطين كانت بنسية لي خيال لا أعرف عنها شيء
    لم أكن أعلم مدى ذلك الظلم و الوحشية الذي ينهال على
    أبناء وطني كما لم أكن أعلم ذلك الحب ، التفائل ، التضحية
    و القوة التي تكمن بداخل أبناء بلدي ، عرفت هذه الأمور
    كلها عندما عرفت أن لي عيناً في فلسيطين ، شكرًا لك على
    مجهودك الرائع في نقل رُوح فلسطين إلينا عدستك كـ آلة زمن
    تقرب البعيد و تنقلنا إلى فلسطين لـ نعيش كل ما تحمله
    صورك من معاني
    بارك الله لك و حفظك من كل شر
    دمت بخير

  68. Rashid Nazarov

    As’salam Aleikem

    The more people see what happens there, the more people will do something about it .
    Please keep doing what you’re doing .

    Rashid Nazarov

  69. Salaam Ahmad,

    Your photos make me feel like I am there… perhaps because I wish to be there… we all do what we can, and some of us have more of an impact than others… Allah iy waf2aak w yiftaah 3alayk… and I hope to see you in Palestine one day…

    well done brother 🙂

  70. Rawan Asad Alganim

    Salam Ahmad!

    Mash Allah your pictures are very nice. I am from America and taking a class about writing and photography at the University of NC at Charlotte. I would greatly appreciate it if I could interview you either my email or phone call about some of the photos I picked form your collection. I am in a class where they don’t understand what Palestine means and I want to take advantage of this and grow their knowledge.

    Jazakallahu kul Khair and May Allah (swt) reward you.

    Salam 3laykum,

    Rawan Asad Alganim

  71. Could you message me with some hints & tips about how you made this blog look like this, Id be appreciative!

  72. Salam Alaykum dear Ahmad 🙂

    Finally I found this page, so that I can immediately leave you a nice comment. 🙂
    Your pictures are more than awesome, sometimes incredible, wallahi! It can be seen in each photo that you put all your energy and soul. Great, great job, my brother!
    Many blessings for you, because finally I’ve seen the other side of my country, Palestine. I always wanted to look at it as a c-o-u-n-t-r-y, but from the news, it was impossible. Media has never shown the beauty of Palestine; and you make my every single day happier when I find a new photo taken by you.

    I have even written a poem about Palestine, and I wish I could send it to you, but it is in Hungarian…once I promise you I will translate it to Arabic or English and send it to you 🙂 It was homework for school, and I was really proud to have the chance to show Europeans my origin.

    For me, you are like the superstars for others, who would do anything to see a singer, or actor or anybody else…I really hope once I can meet you. I’m originally from Lubya, and I only wish I can see photos from that place. What I wish more, is that to become as great as you, so that I can spread my hometown’s photos for the world 🙂

    So, if you like your “fans”, and want to make my day even happier, answer this post please 🙂

    Many many greetings and blessings from Hungary to Palestine!!
    Hadil Hassan

  73. Assalamu alaikum
    I lost track of time when looking at all those pictures, they really portray the reality, the sorrow and the struggle of the Palestinian people. I added some of them to my Pinterest, because they really deserve to be spread.
    I live in Mexico but I can tell you that half of my soul is bestowed to Palestine, which is a country full of beauty, if you can see beyond the occupation.
    Keep it up! Congratulations! Love from mexico.
    Paola Sch

  74. لله يوفقك

  75. Salam alaykum Ahmed

    Your photos are excellent, and each photo is a story for itself.

    Greetings from Kosovo

  76. Just wanted to tell you that our school will be holding a lecture about my country Palestine, a presentation will be talking about you and your art work.
    from Dubai,

  77. Greetings from America. I followed your link from a friend. I think you do great work. May God bless you and keep you safe!

  78. houria sedjelmaci P¨s

    may the Almighty heip you in this great work !

  79. Hello Ahmed.
    Congratulations for your work and for your beautiful photographs. Thank you for the work you do, in addition to helping your country gives us the possibility to understand what really happens in that territory, which the newspapers, unfortunately they do not. I found your facebook page through a journalist friend of mine, Francesco Barillaro, and I continued to follow you because I am very interested in the Palestinian cause. I was very impressed from your photographs, so I found your blog and i started to follow it.
    I am an italian journalist and writes for an online newspaper, and i have a blog where i post articles, pics, and my opionios.
    I was wondering if I could get an interview (I know we are far away), I would like to make it clear to italy understand what really happens, your story, and of course your photos.
    If you are interested, i write my email and you can also find me on facebook.
    Thank you,
    Eleonora Scafaro


  80. Just wanted to let you know that I found your page on and even though I liked checking out your article,
    it appears your blog acts up in some browsers. If I view it in Firefox, it loads correctly, but if I use Chrome, it pulls up looking overlapped and off-kilter.
    Just wanted to inform you.

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