How to use Adobe light room ?

By Ahmad Mesleh:

Editing pictures is one of the interesting things for me ,i like to do it a lot  and for many people too , and it also it give more feeling to the pictures and you made it as artistic way so people will like it more and more , other use it to hide the low quality in the colors of the cameras that they are using .

It is not secret the software i use to do  that , so i said i use Adobe light Room , this program is much professional than other softwaresو  i teched  my self  how to use it , what  you need is not  more than 15 mints , so down here i will post pictures and  links for downloading Adobe light room and how to register it and how to use it in simple ways and i will be better than others who hide such things and i will provide you with my  Presets that i downloaded from the internet it gives you a lot of edits .

so now follow me to do it :

First : lets download Adobe light room  Version 2.7 ( click here to download).

Some serials for version 2.7:





Lets download Version 3.2 ( click here to download).

Some serials for version 3.2:






Please if the serial didn’t work contact me to send you one …




Second : this is the picture of the program the main screen:

Fourth : Follow the pictures to know how to use the program :



Now ; you need to add the presets that will make your pictures more professional

First: I have a big collection that i downloaded from the internet  and i need to share it with you all first you need to (download presets from here): it is zipped file .  there are two ways to do that , the first one as the following picture :

Second way:

Go the link path in your profile and replace the user presets folder with the one you unzipped, go in the paths as i mentioned there and you need to show the hidden files in your computer to reach to the same folder:
Widnows XP:

C:/Documents and Settings/<username>/Application Data/Adobe/Lightroom/ \Develop Presets
windows 7:
C:\Users\<username>/\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets


How to put your signature in your pictures:

The last part  i want to share with you how i can put the singture on your pictures:

First : you have to desing a signture in Photostop wihtout a background and you have to save it as PNG pictures.

Second : (download from here) , Win Water mark  the program i use to do that it can handle 200 pictures in 2 mints.

have fun in using it and post or send me any question.

Ahmad Mesleh

  1. Wow, such a good job
    Thanks Ahmad.

  2. Great job, Ahmad.
    Thanks for this 🙂

  3. Thank you! Your information made it so much easier.:)

  4. Ujala Shujat

    How to download it in mac?

  5. Ujala Shujat

    Done! Thanks loads!

  6. يعني برنامج اللايت روم اللي بياخدو فيه كورسات اشهر بدنا نتعلمة في ربع ساعه حرام عليك يا زلمة بعدين شو قصة اللغه الانجليزية معك زبط انجليزياتك شوي او اكتب بالعربي

  7. كمان ما بتحب النقد؟؟؟

    • في فرق بأسلوب النقد وفي طريقة المحدث حسيت طريقتك هجومية في الكلام يعني كان باسلوب اخر تطرحي ملاحظاتك ومن جانب ثاني فيكي انتي تعمليه بالعربي وتنشريه وبنستفيد منك مش هروب من لغتي العربية بس ما عندي وقت ولما عملتو هاد بجوز كان قبل سنه ساعدينا لنتعلم كل شي في البرنامج

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    بتفيد وبتستفيد وبالنسبه للانجليزي عنجد كان قصدي عشانك مش هجوم او انك هارب م لغتك بس والله كتير انجليزياتك فيها مشاكل
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    اما انا بعرف قدرتي اني ما بقدر اعمل دروس في هيك برنامج مع اني بشتغل كتير منيح عليه

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      من البرنامج انا بهمني هاي الامور وغير هيك ما بهمني الي عجبو حياه الله والي ما عجبو ملان النت يروح يدور ورح يلاقي شي احسن انا عملت شي على قدي وامكانياتي

  9. You are awesome! So helpful! and i love the presets they are amazing!

  10. Thank you so much..Keep up the fantastic work.
    We need pictures from Palestine..
    Viva, Palestina..
    Greetings from Greece..

  11. Good job Mr. Ahmad !!

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