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Life like a Game.


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Akka city photo of 2015:



1- Click here to see some of my best collection.

2- The documentary  film of the year 2012  ” Eye On Palestine ”  about Ahmad Mesleh from this link :


Photographer since 21-7-2009 , Human since 23th, July- 1985

Dear All;

If you are reading this, that mean you are interesting to know more about me or to see my photography that i took here and there in Palestine, Let me thank you so much for visiting my blog and i hope you invite your friends to see my art and i want to mention that you will find inside my pages:

– Who is Ahmad Mesleh? and some personal pictures for me and you can download my life story.

– Ni’lin’s Town info and weekly news report and pictures.

– My Photography that includs every kind of pictures it is my art my lovely work that impressed many people.

– Videos: some videos that i think it is important that others must see.

I’m the eye of Palestine , that all people around the world can see and feel the daily life in Palestine by my camera, it is hard to do that but it is not impossible, we are fighthing for truth for showing what is going on in ground here , what am looking for is the support showing my work around, i have a dream since i was small kid , the dream talk about beiging famous and and am working for that nothing will stop me to be someone known all around the world.

To know Ahmad Mesleh more watch this film:

This the eye of Palestine

Thanks alot for visiting my page

Ahmad Mesleh

Eye on Palestine