Download my life story and C.V


Ahmad Mesleh Story : ( Click to Download ) PDF File

Ahmad Mesleh Resume ( English ): ( Click to Download). Word file  ( MS 2003 )

Ahmad Mesleh Resume ( Arabic): ( Click to Download). Word file  ( MS 2003 )

For reading The story of my life you need PDF reader ( Download  from here ).

  1. love you to bits xxxx

  2. Maha Abu-Zaineh

    hey, so your 2nd step is writing a novel ????
    I guess its all good.. why not try that .. it may woks out good with you 🙂
    from my heart.. all the best Ahmed .. you are a determined person and this is what I like the most about you.. Leave you with loads of LOVE & PEACE brother.. Maha

  3. zouhair ben chavez

    salemu aleikum bravo pour ton combat et inch’allah free palestine

  4. Good luck….my best wishes for you…you are talented….never let your dreams off..for dreams are not negotiable…:)

  5. our sweet angel ^^ may ALLAH protect you !!
    we lovve you !!
    good luck !!

  6. Good luck always to you and God’s blessings

  7. Celtic Angel

    Ahmad you are not only my friend, but my brother and hero too.. may you always stay safe and well bro.. take care and keep going.. no one can take away your talent with the camera.. much love to you now and always bro..

    your sis Angel xx

  8. Toby Freeman

    You are a great man, an inspiration. Good luck, my friend. Your work is shining a wonderful light throughout the world – Bless you

  9. manooch mhameed

    my best wishes for you, Your work is amazing, You are a great man,Go a Head & take care and keep going.
    your sis manooch(:

  10. Adorable. We need more courage to change this world.
    Keep you’re extraordinary work, Ahmad. Solidarity from Indonesia (from me as personally). This is from Rofto Radio from you

  11. Amanda Brown

    Thanks for sharing this. You are an aboslute inspiration and you have a truly wonderful talent in your photography. The world is watching and you are showing us something so positive. With much thanks and admiration, Amanda

  12. Ahman:

    You well preserve the beauty and history of Palestine.

    Thank you.

  13. Ahmed …. It is not the cam or the software … it is the eye behind the cam.
    You are really gifted and talented to be able to capture the beauty of the scenes in front of you. Palestine is a piece of paradise. Get the at most you can and we will be glad to share them with you.
    Good Luck and warm blesses.

  14. ana lavigne

    Dear Ahmad,

    Every warrior has his own weapon, to fight.Your’s are your beautiful mind and your camera.
    May Allah protects you and Palestine.
    Keep the excellent work and fight.

  15. Thank you, firstly for inviting me here and secondly for the wonderful photographs you share . Your love shines in every photograph and I am moved as I look at them. One day Palestine will be free and your work will get the recognition, from the world, it so richly deserves.My deepest admiration and my love for you and for Palestine. I will let your work be known here in the U.K..

  16. {@_-}

  17. Just a person!

    Nice resume Sir and Nice work…Keep it up and may Allah protect you and let you reach your dreams and goals

  18. You are a great man

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