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Who is Ahmad Mesleh?

Personal Information:
Name: Ahmad Abdull Hafeeth Mesleh
Date of Birth: July, 23 , 1985
Place of Birth: Amman – Jordan

Current City:  Ni’lin Town, Ramallah City, West Bank, Palestine
Nationality: Palestinian
Gender: Male
Hopeies : Photography , Writing , Designing, playing games , traveling around the world
Ahmad Childhood: (1985-1998)
Ahmad rose up between two sisters and four brothers, his father and mother were teachers, who used to work out of their home land for more than 25 years, every year the family used to visit Palestine for three months in the summer vacation.
Ahmad lived and grown up out of his homeland Palestine, the first 13 years of his life was in kingdom of Saudi Arabia, his life were so active ad full of movement and energy, he used to live a normal live while he is stranger if we compare him with the people who are living there, which mean so different culture and habits.
Year by year and when he used to see the struggle of Palestinian people on the TV , while he was thousands of miles far from the home and far from the holy land ,the love and the feeling in Ahmad heart increased to the lands of heroes and the question was on his tongue all the time how I can do as them? How I can fight and fight? When I will back home?.
Return back to Home land: (1999-2010)
The Dream achieved and Ahmad back home to the west bank to his homeland and to his lovely Town Ni’lin, Ahmad joined Ni’lin Secondary boys school in the eighth grade, the major problem at that time for him was the English language, he work hard and he managed to solve this problem, by reading English books and taking to more people outside Palestine.
Ahmad started the volunteering work after he joined Palestinian Medical Relief Communities (PMRC), he attended many course and workshops, such as life skills volunteering and leadership, all of that build his personality and increased the power inside him to help the people and to lead them for the right way.
One year later the second Intifada Started , it was like a dream for him everything that he watched before in TV now it is real in the ground , the popular struggle against the occupation of lands and , and stealing the rights and the life of people.
During the Intifada the personality of Ahmad became stronger, he managed three summer camps while he was 16 years old, he finished his Secondary school in the town in the scientific studies.
– Ahmad Joined An – Najah National University in October,2003 in Information Technology faculty and he majored in Computerized information systems , the four years of study wasn’t easy and simple when Ahmad lost two of his family from his mother side in Balata camp Nablus city, his Uncle and his cousin, and it was the first point of change in his life, when you lost the close people by the most thing that you hate in your life which is the occupation, The study in Nablus city wasn’t such easy and the situation was not so calm during the intifada , Ahmad with his friends used to walk through mountains for hours to pass to the city with all the fear from the occupation forces.
– Ahmad Finished his study in June, 2007, after 5 months he joined one of the new companies working in Information Technology Sector, and he worked there for more than one year and four months, as a projects coordinators and website admin and as graphic designer and a Technical analyst.
– Ahmad joined also another company and he worked there for 3 months as a technical analyst and project coordinator.
Ahmad and the Struggle:
Ahmad belong to one of the Palestinian towns that suffers from the Israeli apartheid wall, The struggle started in 17 of May, 2008 Ni’lin town, five people and a lot were shoot and injured, Ahmad involved in the struggle in Ni’lin Town from the beginning, it is hard when you lost the lands, and you can’t visit because of the ugly wall.
The shape of struggle changed to Ahmad and joined the Red Crescent, and he joined the medical teams so that he can work in the ground and help his people, to serve them and to be in the area where people get shoot and olive trees get cut. No matter what danger he is going to face, or even if he will be shot, his duty was to be where people needs him, this is what Ahmad Believed in the popular struggle, when people said no, and when you can see all of them around the lands and around the olive trees that lost, or to protect the ones under threats.

Ahmad and the photography:

Ahmad started the Photography in August, 2009, after he got a digital camera as a gift from his friend Iman from Canada, he started covering the activities of the volunteers of the Red crescents during the demonstration in the his town, day by day his photography became better and better, Ahmad recognized that there is a need to change the camera for many reasons, to increase the quality of the pictures and to take more professional work.
When he used to be as human rights activist and when he volunteered in many organizations, Ahmad could get a brow a Nikon Camera so he can use it for taking better pictures, and to improve his skills when he didn’t find that he must depend on himself to learn more and more, he used to read some books about the photography and the settings of the cameras, that improved his skills.
Taking pictures is one of the most thing Ahmad likes to do, because it makes him very happy it is a kind of taking to the camera, when you bother understand each other and then you reach to point that every picture you took by your camera everyone can understand it without writing any details about it, this is a not easy thing and a lot of photographer missed that when you turned themselves in to a machines only for taking pictures and without any messages, this photographer day by day he will lose the ability to be creative , what Ahmad thing is to take pictures because you love that and you want to do it not only because u want to live by that and to make your living.
Ahmad photography varies from the struggle of the Palestinian people and between the wild lives around his town, also the smiles of the kids, or any event.
Ahmad arts depends on taking pictures in the first point and from the other part to edit some of those pictures to make it more effective and touchable , his art depend on sending messages to all the people who see it.
Ahmad has his own way to photograph everything stable or moving, his ambitions to work as photographer in one of the big news agencies and to travel around the world to show his art and to make photo exhibitions to tell the world what is going on in Palestine to be the eye of truth and to let the people outside live it as they are in Palestine.
Ahmad forcing many difficulties in his photography:
– He doesn’t have his own cameras or equipments to give more professional work.
– He doesn’t belong to any agencies and he works freelance and without any formal journalist or photographer cards.
– He doesn’t have the suitable dress that protects his body from any shot even he was injured twice before during the demos against the Israeli apartheid wall.

Training Courses
PITA March 2008
Advanced Training Course in web design, accounting, marketing, business communication
And Financial Analysis.

Amra Microsoft Certified Center, September 2006 – May 2007
C Sharp .NET course 2.o Frame work desktop application.

Be Ready for the Job June 2008- July 2007
Career unit in AN Najah University,
Career building course for the development of skills and strategies to use in the workplace.

Web design course in NIT. March 2008
Designing web pages using FrontPage and Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

Broadcast Information by PRCS July 2009
Training Course in communication with people and how to broadcast information.

Management of crises and disasters by PRCS August 2009
Training Course for four days in dealing up with crises and disasters when it happened and how to act and help the human.

• The Team leader of Ni’lin Youth Center and one of the founders of the center.
• Providing Media with News throw Arabic and English reports about Ni’lin town every week.
Guest Lecturer Palestine after 60 Years in Oslo – Norway, November 2008.
• Volunteer in Medical Relief Community for more than 4 years 1999-2003.
• Responsible for supervision of three summer camps with UNSCO and UPMRC 2000-20003
• Discussion leader for summer youth conference about youth and their role in building the Palestinian community, UPMRC 2003.
• Participant in Conference Life and Human Communication and Leadership Skills at Youth Training Center, Ramallah 1999.

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Contact information:
Ahmad Mesleh
Mobile: +970598076600
email : mr.mesleh@gmail.com
Blog: ahmadmesleh.wordpress.com
google talk: mr.mesleh@gmail.com
Skype: ahmad.mesleh

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